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Clover Service Plans

Payments Plus - $0/month

The Payments Plus plan is the most basic Clover plan, but carries no additional monthly fees. With the Payments Plus plan, you’ll get:

  • Cloud-based payments

  • Employee Management for clocking in/out

  • Customer Management (save profiles, purchase data, etc)

  • Accept all forms of payment (Chip+PIN, Apple Pay, EBT)

  • Allows for Open Tabs

  • Allows for discount-based rewards

  • Limited access to the Clover App Market

The Payments Plus plan is a great way to “get your feet wet” with Clover. If you don’t have the need to track inventory or utilize many third-party apps, then this could be a great solution for you. And remember, Clover makes it easy to switch plans whenever you’d like!


Register Lite Plan - $9.95/month

Register Lite is the most popular Clover plan. It’s commonly known as a “cash register replacement”. It has the same features as the Payments Plus plan (above) but also includes:

  • More advanced Order Management – you can create, save, and refund specific orders

  • You can also assign item categories, numbers, and notes to specific orders for easier tracking

  • Inventory management to allow you to manage simple items and track the stock levels of your current inventory

  • Deeper access to the third-party App Market for Clover apps – apps that integrate with items/orders are allowed

  • You can tether a customer-facing display, if desired

  • Tax calculation can be set at a per-item level

  • Rewards can be set at a per-item level

Unless you have the need to integrate with kitchen printers or access specific upper-level apps, this plan works perfectly for most retailers.


Register Plan - $29.95/month *Included with Clover Station and Clover Station 2018

The Register plan is the most comprehensive Clover plan, and allows for full access to all Clover features. It’s great for multi-lane merchants, or restaurants with kitchen printers and multiple servers. It includes all of the features of the “Register Lite” plan, along with:

  • Enhanced inventory – items can have both modifiers and variants

  • Inventory items can have costs associated with them, to track over time

  • Item exchanges are built-in

  • You can create specific “types” of orders, and combine multiple orders (great for restaurants)

  • Kitchen printing

  • Weight Scale support

  • Full access to the App Market

If you have a full-service restaurant or a large retail establishment, the Register plan is most likely the best choice for your business.


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