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We received your agreement

Please note: You will need to email or fax in the following documentation so we can expedite your final approval.  These documents are required to finalize your application.

Please have this information faxed to 1-866-443-0451 or emailed over to as soon as possible so we can activate your account.


1. Copy of a Voided Check for the account you'd like your credit card funds to be deposited into.

2. Copy of Drivers License

For you convenience we have a new upload tool you can use:




Thank you again for choosing Bank Card Buddy. We are very excited to help you start this step towards growing your business!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us anytime at 1-678-689-8901

Note: To ensure we understand your needs fully, we may need to briefly chat with you to confirm a few details. If so, we'll be calling in just a few minutes (don't worry, we're nice!).

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