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We've matched your business with:

Omega Bank Card Services

We appreciate your business and are excited to set your business up with the amazing Clover POS.

In the next 24 Hours you'll receive an email from your selected service company.

Please complete all of the required fields then initial and sign where indicated on the application.  You may do this all electronically with our new e-signature technology.

If you prefer, you can easily print out the application attached on this email, fill out your information and return it either via email or fax.

Please note: 
If printing, please have this information faxed to 866-443-0451 or emailed over as soon as possible so we can establish your account quickly.

Thank you again for using Bank Card Buddy. We are very excited to help you start this step towards growing your business.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call your service provider at the information provided below:

t: 770-222-8510
f: 866-443-0451

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